Wheel Lift Towing

With a wheel lift tow truck, the vehicle can be towed on two wheels but is lifted off the ground by a strong hydraulic yoke. By doing so, the towed vehicle will experience less damage and can be better stabilized.

Wheel Lift Towing – Ideal for Various Situations

Whenever your car won’t shift into neutral or the wheels are locked, a self-loader wrecker or wheel lift tow truck is essential. An attached tow dolly is connected to the trailer hitch on the self-loader wrecker. Uplift towing offers a cheap and superior towing solution for any type of drive train. We can help you get your vehicle to safety promptly with a wheel lift and dollies from our towing team. Regardless of your towing condition, we have the best drivers to handle it.

If you’re stuck in a low clearance area or a small parking lot, wheel lift towing will be the only choice. Wheel lift towing is advantageous because, unlike flatbed tow trucks, which have a lifting bed, wheel lifts use a metal yoke to lift the car from underneath. Wheel lifts have an advantage over flatbed tow trucks when it comes to accessibility.

Likewise, a parallel parked car that needs to be towed can also cause issues. It is necessary for the car to drive onto the flatbed tow truck ramp and then be driven under the flatbed tow truck. In contrast, wheel lift tow trucks can easily tow parked vehicles without damaging the surrounding vehicles.

Save with Our Towing Services

You can save a lot of money with wheel lift towing, in addition to being very useful in many situations. It is preferable to use wheel lift towing because of how much easier it is to maneuver in tighter spaces. Flatbed tow trucks may be able to haul the vehicle, but they are not suitable for narrow or curvy roads.

As a 24 hour towing and roadside assistance company, we’ll be there no matter what time it is. Our phone number is in many people’s phones since we’re known as LA’s leading low-cost wheel lift towing provider. We are more likely to end up being called by others who propose more expensive services. Let us take care of your 24-hour wheel lift towing needs in Valencia, CA, and nearby areas, and save you time and money in the process.

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