Safe Driving Tips for You When Tow Trucks are Working on Roads

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Tow trucks are one of the neglected protectors of the road. They appear on the roads or freeways every day to save stranded motorists or drivers on the road. They need to have great sight to spot broken down vehicles in the middle of nowhere.

However, not everyone appreciates the deeds done by tow truck drivers. This is reflected when people meet them on the road. When tow truck operators are working on the road, drivers hate to be stopped or slowed down by large, slow-moving tow trucks on the freeway. Accidents may happen when drivers recklessly try to speed past them. This is especially the case when towing is in process.

Following are some tips to help you and the tow truck drivers to stay safe on the road.

Drive Slow

It is obvious in order to be safe, slow down when you see a tow truck or towing operator working at the side of the road. This rule can also be applied to other types of emergency roadside vehicle. This is because some drivers may be on the road checking out or securing broken-down vehicles. Even though this is considered a road etiquette or courtesy, this act can lower the chance for accidents. Towing operators work in rough roadside situations at times, so it is a kind gesture to show some considerations for them.

Changing Lanes

This is another precaution to take when you see a tow truck working in progress. However, not all drivers do it sooner than expected. Changing to the other side of the road when possible allows you to prevent the risk of striking or hitting the tow truck or the towing operator. This can be easily achieved when you are driving slow. Although the traffic sometimes proves to be difficult to switch lanes, you still can do your best to move past the tow truck with much space.

The last thing you want to do is cause an accident with the tow truck or other vehicles. Therefore, switch or change lanes whenever possible.

Remain Calm and Stay Focused

When you set the vision on the road, stay focused on it and the surroundings. It is actually not difficult to see a spot truck on the side of the road, so give yourself time and space to react. Safe and defensive driving is always suggested. This is especially so when you see a stationary truck or its warning flashlights ahead.

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