Heavy Duty Towing

Tow trucks used for heavy haul vehicles that are not drivable are heavy duty. Towing trucks that carry heavy loads are also called recovery trucks, and breakdown trucks. Tow trucks are used by companies that repair heavy vehicles also damaged by equipment malfunctions or accidents on the road. Tow trucks and heavy-duty service vehicles have five basic towing tools that include booms, hooks and chains, wheel-lifts, flatbeds, and self-loaders. This equipment is necessary for tow trucks because they can’t lift heavy vehicles without it.

Heavy Duty Towing is One of Our Specialty

Not everyone has access to special towing equipment for larger vehicles. Trying to find a good towing company may be difficult on your phone. In contrast to most towing companies, Boston Towing Supreme has the right tools and equipment to retrieve your vehicle. We offer a complete all-in-one service in the Valencia, CA, area so you’ll never have to worry about getting going again.

Heavy Duty Towing is one of our specialties. With our new and top-of-the-line heavy wreckers, handled by expert truckers with years of experience hauling loads on the road, you’ll be sure to get a smooth, trouble-free trip. Providing our customers with all their heavy duty towing needs is a combination of our strong machinery and experienced drivers. Regardless of the size or complexity of the towing job, we are capable of doing it effectively and at a competitive price.

Among our fleet of trucks are heavy duty towing and recovery equipment. We are able to tow all kinds of heavy equipment and large vehicles such as transit or school buses, box trucks, trailers, trucks, and more. Regardless of how heavy the vehicle is, if it needs to be towed or retrieved, we can handle it.

Able to Handle any Towing Situation

When a heavy vehicle rolls over on the road, it causes a lot of havoc. You need a towing service provider that can respond with speed, which is fast enough to get the heavy vehicle into the shop for repair and then clear the way.

As a result of our wheel lifts and under reach capabilities, we can ensure that no damage is done to the vehicles during towing, thus allowing us to ensure that they do not sustain any breakdowns.

We are proud of what we do at Valencia Towing. The drivers at our company are highly competent and pay attention to details, which reflects our dedication to their work. Providing the best towing service in the area, we maintain the highest level of professionalism on every job.

You Can Count on Our Towing Services

When it comes to heavy duty towing, you can rely on us. As a tow company service provider, we are confident that our commitment to delivering reliable and impeccable towing services has driven us to not scrimp on quality and never compromise on customer satisfaction.

Any towing company that can tow any vehicle, even those with very large engines, is one of the best around. You’re often left stranded on the side of the road if the local towing company has no experience hauling heavy vehicles or large trucks. We don’t want you to be left behind by discount. Call one of the best heavy duty towing services in Valencia today.

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